Smug Liberal Feels Superior by Switching to Reusable Grocery Bags


3 weeks ago Jean had an epiphany; she was contributing far too much to the destruction of the planet by accepting plastic bags at the grocery store.

“Plastic is like, bad, and we should stop hurting the planet with plastic. All oil companies want to do is make money, they don’t care about the planet”. She told us.

Feeling accomplished she took to Facebook to announce her new found environmentalism and suggested that all of her friends follow her brave lead.

“So I am now bringing my own shopping bags to the grocery store and I’m no longer buying water bottles… you should do the same 😉 ” she added.

Jean only has 3 organic reusable totes made from 85% recycled material at the moment, but she told us that she plans to get more.

“My SUV can hold at least 10 bags, so I’m definitely getting more. I need to buy a lot of groceries to feed my 7 kids, lol. I also drive the extra 20 miles to go to Wholefoods to make sure everyone is eating healthy.” she explained.  “This is so awesome, I’m doing so much for the environment, it allows me to sleep better at night knowing I’m no longer part of the problem.”

Jean is doing a great job at protecting mother earth, and we salute her for it!  Great job Jean!