My Conversation with a BLM Activist

A personal belief of mine, that I am often sharply criticized for, is that people (particularly intellectuals) should make an effort to understand their opposition or their perceived opposition.

Some of the “Anti-SJW” crowd think it’s insulting or pointless to try to engage in dialogue with BLM activists, but I vehemently disagree.  Understanding someone else’s perspective helps when you’re offering genuine critique.

The ‘I Love Social Justice Warriors’ blog has never been about promoting racism, even though we critique the extremities of the social justice movement. In fact, you can look through our archives and you wont find anything that calls for hatred, violence, segregation etc.

I’ve long held the belief that racial hatred or racial separation is just another form of collectivism that should be relocated to the pages of antiquity.

This principle that many freethinkers advocate, however, doesn’t give an immunity license to any particular political group. As such, activism groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ are often controversial– not necessarily based on their ideological beliefs, but rather because of the implemented methodologies and tactics utilized to execute their resistance.

Recently I was fortunate to have a transparent and in-depth conversation with a Black Lives Matter activist. I’ve agreed to redact his identity from this article.

We spoke about European colonization of America, French colonization of Vietnam, Spanish colonization of Cuba and South America, Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, the geo-slave trade, and an assortment of historical events and how they interplay with, and effect, modern civilization.

The gentleman I spoke with was obviously educated and articulate in how he arrived to his political activism, so I was intrigued.

I admit I was surprised, however, when I asked him about the growing ‘social justice movement’ that was largely, if not predominately, propagated by white activists.

“It’s all a sham” he said, when I asked him about white social justice activists.

His belief is that wealthy and aristocratic white progressives are “worse than Nazis”.

I asked him to please explain why he thought white progressives were worse than Neo Nazis, as I was a bit confused by this statement.

He explained that white progressives relied on an outward appearance of virtue to mask their genocidal colonization of America.

According to him, they are worse than Neo Nazis because of the ‘Flawless Nanny Fallacy:’ “a nanny with an untarnished reputation is never suspected of abuse. So great is their image that when they do abuse children, no one will believe the child. They will continue to view the nanny in a state of perfection.”

With their ardent declaration of hatred and supremacy, he argued, Neo Nazis have no sustainable reputation in the common eye of America.

He maintained that Neo Nazis and hate groups were still a threat and still an enemy, but that they were a lesser threat because they make known their position at all time; whereas the wealthy progressive is covert.

He explained further: “Who are the people who disunify black neighborhoods? Who are the ones who, in record numbers, gentrify historically black urban areas?

It’s not the backwater Ku Klux Klan members who hide in the safety and seclusion of unincorporated America. It’s the bourgeois white liberal yuppies.

Developers buy out entire city blocks, entire neighborhoods. They are largely funded by major capitalist interest to increase tourist revenue and property value. There’s big business in gentrification.   

The white progressive criticizes his own European ancestors. They proclaim and confess they are invaders yet continue to colonize and weaken the power and potential of people of color.

They do all of this with smiles, with a sense of gratification, with the idea that they share brotherhood with black people based solely on their proximity to them.

When the lights go out, when the sirens are flashing, when the buildings start to burn and the bullets start to fly, the urban white progressives flee to their corner, and the black man, woman and child are the ones that die in street.”

The conversation we had was lengthy and I don’t want to drone on, but I thought this was an interesting keynote.

There’s a common misconception that white social justice warriors are ubiquitously viewed as heroic. As for the BLM activist I spoke with, he believes the only praise they genuinely receive are from people of their own ilk.

One of his questions for white progressives that I found to have some weight to it, was ‘if you view yourself as an invader and an evil colonizer, then why do you remain here?’

That’s actually a fair question. If you are a white progressive “social justice warrior” who views Europeans as invaders in America, then why do you stay here?

I’m not telling anyone they should leave, I’m merely reinvigorating the question.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the gentleman I spoke with on certain points, I do appreciate him taking the time to have a genuine conversation with me and I think some of his assessments are accurate.

I value thought-provoking and mentally stimulating conversation and I think, all in all, that’s largely what we’re missing in today’s political climate.