SJWs Enjoy Censorship Victory Over ‘Show Dogs’ Movie

Social Justice Warriors won a victory today against a movie featuring talking dogs and apparent “sexual molestation” and “pedophilia”… which was all, in my opinion, imagination and hysteria.

It wasn’t just our left-wing lunatic SJWs this time…oh no, they got some help from their holy roller puritan SJWs.

The fact that these two factions were successful in forcing a major motion picture to censor their movie, over something this absurd and ridiculous, is testimony only to the imbecility and weakness of our nation.

“Wont somebody think of the god damn children!”

The outrage started when some pearl-clutching bible-thumping social justice warrior wrote about the questionable movie scene in a blog called macaroni kid.

Her paranoid fear mongering fever dream about how liberal Hollywood is grooming our children to be ready for pedophilia was neatly written with “concern for the children” and quickly caught on with the whiny mob of social media.

I know what some of you are thinking… “but Hollywood IS brainwashing our children!”

Propaganda and political agenda have always been used in media, there’s no question about that… but if you think that a 3 minute comedic scene in a stupid movie is some grand Illuminati plot to prepare your children for acts of pedophilia, then congratulations, you’re a fucking moron.

It’s idiotic fantasy.

The #metoo crowd is up in arms about the anthropomorphized dog character getting groped by dog show judges because “the dog didn’t give expressed, written consent to have his balls fondled” and that’s going to make our kids think it’s okay to touch people without consent!

Give me a fucking break. Your adhd, ritalin warped kids aren’t going to remember that movie 20 minutes after they leave the theater and if they actually did remember the scene from that movie, do you really actually think it’s going to be successful in making them think pedophilia is normal??

That’s absolutely absurd considering we vehemently teach our children in schools that unwanted touching is not acceptable.

And hey, did you ever think of this? Maybe instead of rallying the social justice league against a movie, you could take some responsibility in educating your own damn children about the potential risks they may face in life?

Fuck it, just bubble-wrap an empty room and stick your kids in there until they’re 18 if you’re that paranoid. Or hey, maybe just don’t go see the movie?

I’m totally fine with parents warning each other and writing blogs about potentially bad movies with unwarranted PG ratings, totally fine with it… but when people get into this “ban everything I don’t like!” mode, well fuck them.

As for the high-horse religious fundamentalists who warrior against halloween, movies, video games and everything else in life, I don’t want to hear shit from you about your concern over pedophilia.

The church and organized religion is probably the biggest culprits of sexual abuse known to mankind (oh, sorry feminists, I mean “humynkind”)

If you want to knight up against pedophilia maybe you should shut down your own beloved church?… oh, you wont rest until some fucktarded, fictional movie is shut down or censored, but you’ll turn a blind eye to the actual rampant abuse going on in your own backyard?

Enjoy your victory social justice warriors.. and don’t stop there, I urge you to keep it up so we’ll all be living in a 1984 style dystopia where there are no movies, no video games, no rude language, no freedom of expression, nothing, just a good, clean, polite and pure fucking society to live in.

Ok, that last part was a little dramatic, but hey, you assholes started it. 😉

Political Correctness breeds Intolerance

Ignorant, uninformed and unintelligent people will effortlessly shrug at the concept of political correctness as something that is either good or harmless.

They’re wrong.

Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance.

Consider a high school kid who has thrown a party in the absence of his parents; they were on a business trip together for the weekend.  While away, the kid’s party destroys the house and he’s left with a complete disaster.

That disaster is symbolic to the state of social and political interactions in America today.

There’s a huge mess to clean up.  Instead of digging down deep and actually fixing the mess, our high school friend decides the best solution is to spray the house with Lysol and sweep everything under the couch. Tada, problem solved, right?!

That’s what political correctness is, a half-assed attempt at fixing a real problem. So long as things look good from a distance and smells pretty, there’s nothing to worry about?

Then his friends come back over and say “hey, look man, we know we fucked your house up, we’d like to dig that shit out from under the couch and clean it up right.”

Instead of allowing honesty, integrity and real effort to take place and get to the source of the problem and work to correct it, he decides to tell his friends to go home and spray some more Lysol for good measure.

Political correctness doesn’t actually fix anything. Political correctness is the bowl of cereal that was pushed under the couch and left to get rotten and chunky… it seemed like the problem was solved because you didn’t see the bowl anymore, but it was still there festering and becoming toxic.

When you attempt to fix solutions by forcing language control you’re inevitably going to create more intolerance.

Hatred, racism, misogyny and all of the various isms that plague our nation aren’t going to be cured through rigid authoritarianism.

Political correctness is just another form of bigotry that impedes the free expression necessary to identify and resolve issues.

Political correctness breeds intolerance.