Charlie Hebdo Cover Makes Fun of Leftists, Not Texans

The Washington Post, Fox News, Huffington Post and several other media outlets slammed Charlie Hebdo for allegedly implying that the citizens of Texas are Neo Nazis.

While the image may be controversial, it is my belief that Hebdo was not making this implication at all.

This is a classic case of people being triggered by imagery and not thinking clearly.

Let’s examine what the cover says and what it’s actually making fun of:

The texts says: “God Exists! He drowned all the neo Nazis of Texas!”

This isn’t making fun of Texans, it’s actually criticizing the left, particularly the agnostic-left.

You see, the agnostic left are largely critics of Christianity and often nonchalantly brush off the idea of organized religion and the idea of a higher power itself. They often link Christianity as synonymous with the ‘right wing’.

However, when it fits their agenda, they have a change of tune. As pointed out in the Hebdo cover. “God Exists!” This exclamation is indicative that an agnostic person was saying it, as they were surprised by their new found revelation.

“He drowned all the Neo Nazis of Texas”  It is clear to me that Hebdo is quoting from the perspective of a leftist, who mistakenly think that if you live in Texas you must be a racist.

Hebdo is actually making fun of the liberals/leftists who are saying that God is punishing Texas for voting in Donald Trump.

This is worthy of satire, as Houston is predominately a liberal city.

Charlie Hebdo has always been a controversial, comedic, satirical and dark humor publication. They intentionally use imagery that is offensive, but in this particular case it helps to interpret the conveyed point accurately.

They’re not calling Texans Nazis, it’s okay, you can relax now. 🙂

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