Poser Feels Betrayed by Johnny Ramone’s Political Affiliation


It’s super hard being an upper middle class punk rocker in suburbia, especially when you’re the only one who “gets it”… at least, that’s what our friend Devin believes; who confidently begins all of his rants with “punk is actually about.”

For “years” (actually only about 2 years) Devin has been an avid fan of the old school punk band ‘The Ramones’.

“The Ramones are pretty much what got me into punk, they’re not posers like Green Day”. He told us.

On a recent trip to Hot Topic to buy some ‘manic panic’ red hair dye, some posters and a leather studded wristband, Devin found himself engaged in small talk with the store manager. A conversation that would ultimately lead to a devastating realization.

Noticing that Devin was sporting his favorite Ramones Tee, the manager brought up Johnny Ramone and they engaged in discussion.

The conversation was friendly and going rather well, until the store manager said:

“Yeah, it’s kinda funny that Johnny Ramone was such a hardcore Republican.”

Devin was instantly livid and felt like the store manager stuck a dagger through his heart.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Devin ignorantly replied. “Johnny Ramone wasn’t a fucking Republican”.

Seeing that he was visibly upset, the store manager diplomatically said “I could be wrong, just something I heard once” and then rang him up.

It was a quiet car ride home from the mall that evening. The only thing Devin could think about was what that store manager had said to him. He even refused when his mommy asked if he wanted to stop and get a Wendy’s Frosty.

Could it be true? Devin finally mustered up the courage to get on google and look up Johnny Ramone’s political affiliation.

“I felt betrayed” Devin told us. “Punk is actually about anarchy, communism and fighting bigotry. I can’t fucking believe Johnny Ramone was a conservative.” He went on, “Punk is actually about love and all conservatives want is hate. Punk is actually about peace and all conservatives want is war. Punk is peace, love and anarchy.”

We don’t suspect Devin will be wearing his once favorite Ramones tee anymore. Fortunately, however, the Che Guevara Tee that he had his mom order for him from Amazon should be arriving any day now, and he’ll have a brand new shirt to wear that he doesn’t fully understand. 😉

Thought Criminal T-Shirt

5 thoughts on “Poser Feels Betrayed by Johnny Ramone’s Political Affiliation

    • He most certainly was a Republican (he said “God bless President Bush” at the Ramone RnR HOF induction), but that was back when Republicans weren’t the shit stains they are now.


  1. you are all idiots, he supported Ron Paul, he IS a libertarian by political philosophy, he only votes republican because he feels it is the lesser of the two evils that have a chance.


    • Well this idiot actually knows what he’s talking about, unlike yourself.
      Johnny did NOT support Ron Paul. He was a REPUBLICAN. Not a libertarian. Besides, he passed away in 2004, long before Paul ran for president.


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