Antifa Protests Parents: Demand Allowance Increase


Christopher simply had enough with his fascist parents hoarding 92% of their after-tax earnings, and he is now demanding an increase in his allowance.

“100$ a week is simply not enough to live on” Christopher told us. “They have all that money, why can’t they just give me more?”

Christopher’s fat cat, running-dog capitalist parents just don’t get it. They have no idea what it’s like to be young and rebellious. Absolutely none whatsoever.

Christopher’s numerous attempts at reasonable dialogue yielded no results. Peaceful negotiating of his allowance with his  parents was a hopeless impossibility… it was time for direct action.

“The time for talk is over” he exclaimed, “the time for action is now!”

Organizing a couple of his Antifa comrades; equipped with a fashionable anarcho-communist flag and stylish balaclavas, they were now prepared for the allowance revolution.  They would make sure Christopher got his raise, by any means necessary.

“Yeah, my Dad was so super mad about me smashing his windows, spray painting anarchy signs on the side of the house and lighting off fireworks on the front porch that he tried to ground me for a month and make me do chores to pay for the damage…”


“I told him, ‘nice try pops, but I am ungovernable’.  What’s the cost of a few worthless windows weighed next to the oppression that I face every day anyhow?”

Christopher’s struggle continues; as his rapacious, unrelenting Nazi parents just wont budge on this very serious allowance issue. However, they were nice enough to provide him with play-dough and coloring books to help him through this difficult time.


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